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    Flywheel Playlist of the Week (2/1)- get ready to rock the remix!

    Happy Saturday (REMIX style)!Here is one of my favorite playlists from this week at Flywheel Sports with a bunch of remixes.Shout out to my amazing colleague and fellow instructor Cedric Green for the Collapse edit. It is pure GOLD.This was from a FLYbeats 45 minute ride.  Happy Listening ...
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    Playlist of the Week 1/18

    Here is your playlist of the week. Snowed in? Press play and dance. Take that, Jonas!(the last two songs are cooldown)Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    Beastie Boys vs Jay-Z – 99 Hits (BRAT Mashup)

    Two of my faves collide. Jay-Z & the Beastie Boys. Thanks to Gregg at our new Flywheel location in DC (our 33rd studio!) for tipping me off to BRAT Productions. I am loving a bunch of the remixes - all of which are on the site and downloadable.Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    The Best of the Cave (Smija Mashup)

    Well, this makes me excited.Normally I stay away from mash-ups of Mumford & Sons songs, but this one by Smija blew me away. Just play it and hear for yourself.Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    Notorious B.I.G & Jay-Z Meet Again

    Happy Music Monday-Here is another epic mashup for you featuring Jay-Z's "Picasso Baby", mashed up with The Notorious B.I.G's "Sky's the Limit" AND lines from Jay-Z's "Success"....WHAT!? Yes. Enjoy. Thanks Illmind for this awesomeness.Happy Listening,DDB  ...
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