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    Two For Tuesday – Capital Cities and 50 Cent

    Happy Tuesday!I couldn't choose which to share, so here are both recent finds. One cover, and one remix.Capital Cities is killing it lately. Here is a cover of Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U."Second, I like a few of the remixes I've found thus far by Yineus. This is my most recent find and ...
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    Jolene is Mine (Jay-Z vs Dolly Parton)

    What!? Yes. Jay-Z and Dolly Parton.Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    Breathe (Capital Cities ft. 2Pac)

    Thank you to Aree at Flywheel Los Angeles for this amazing remix! I heard it while getting my ass kicked in her yoga class. Attention- if you are in LA, this class is a MUST.Capital Cities does a fantastic job here bringing Pink Floyd's Breathe and 2pac's Smile together.Happy Listening!DDB ...
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    Busta Rhymes, Back in Action with “Thank You”

    Busta Rhymes has a new album coming out next year. This new track is incredible- Kanye, Q-Tip (Q-TIP!!) & Lil Wayne all make appearances.The songs samples Alicia Myers' song "I Want To Thank You."Brilliant. This song sounds, feels and flows like older hip-hop.Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    Wake Me Up In a Land Down Under (Avicii vs Men at Work)

    I mean, does it get ANY better than this?Mash-up heaven.Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    Talk Like A Gangster (Jay-Z vs Coldplay)

    Jay-Z's American Gangster meets Coldplay's Talk.Just a random thought for your Wednesday night.Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    Jay Z mashup, Radiohead Remix

    I could not choose which to share, so here are both!First, Jay-Z and Elvis on one song. Cheers to that.Second, a remix of Radiohead's Videotape featuring Del The Funky Homosapien.Happy Listening!DDB ...
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    Notorious B.I.G. vs Ellie Goulding (Under the Funk/Carlos Serrano)

    Greetings from Jury Duty!I am, however, making the most out of sitting on my ass all day today and digging for some new music. This mash-up has been in my rotation for a while, but I like it more and more every time I play it.Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    Notorious B.I.G vs Kanye West (White Lotus)

    Whoa. I just came across this and had to share immediately.DDB ...
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    99 Days- Jay-Z vs The Glitch Mob (Carlos Serrano Mix)

    Another awesome Jay-Z remix, and a full hour Flywheel playlist.A few riders requested the below playlist from today's 12:45 PM Hour ride. The last two songs are cooldown.Happy Listening!DDB ...
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