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    Talkin’ Bout A Revolution (Bobby Brush x Deep Chills Remix)

    I stumbled upon this amazing remix of Tracy Chapman's "Talking Bout A Revolution" today by DJ Bobby Brush.Happy Listening,DDB  ...
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    Beastie Boys vs Jay-Z – 99 Hits (BRAT Mashup)

    Two of my faves collide. Jay-Z & the Beastie Boys. Thanks to Gregg at our new Flywheel location in DC (our 33rd studio!) for tipping me off to BRAT Productions. I am loving a bunch of the remixes - all of which are on the site and downloadable.Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    FourFiveSeconds Remix (the only one you’ll need)

    I came across this remix by WoodysProduce the day after the original track dropped, and quite frankly never felt compelled to use the original after listening. It was taken offline fast, but seems to have been put back on- for now, anyway.You can download the track HERE!Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    Hip-Hop Remix Ride- Full Playlist & Download

    Two things for you tonight.Yesterday, the 11:30 AM HOUR at Flywheel UES, always a loud & crazy class, got even louder.Check out my hip-hop remix playlist below!The last two songs are cool-down.Also, I am shamelessly obsessed with Calvin Harris' Open Wide. I can't help myself. Check out this awes ...
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    Hold It Now, Hit It (DJ Tripp Remix)

    In anticipation of my Hip-Hop Remix ride at UES on Saturday, I have been scouring the interweb for tracks and came across this gem.Oddly, I have recently become obsessed (I know, a year late) with JDR's Talk Dirty- so this remix is particularly satisfying to my ear. Great hip-hop, combined with a gu ...
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    The Best of the Cave (Smija Mashup)

    Well, this makes me excited.Normally I stay away from mash-ups of Mumford & Sons songs, but this one by Smija blew me away. Just play it and hear for yourself.Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    Thugz Drowning (Carlos Serrano Remix)

    Enjoy this new mash-up/remix by the very talented Carlos Serrano, featuring 2Pac's Thugz Mansion & Banks' Drowning.Happy listening,DDB ...
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    Wicked Games (Tom Misch Remix)

    Here is a smooth new cover/remix for your Sunday evening:A gorgeous cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Games" in a remix by Tom Misch.This will be hitting my Flywheel playlists immediately.Happy Listening,DDB   ...
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    Black Sheep, White Panda, and a Latch cover that will make you cry

    I have three tracks to share with you tonight.The first is from White Panda. This time, they're killing it with a mash-up of Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and Flume's "Insane." You can directly download this from Soundcloud. Next, the Hood Internet crushes it again with a mashup of Black ...
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    G-Unit Remix

    Happy Father's Day!Completely unrelated, here's a sweet remix of G-Unit's Stunt, from Cookin Soul.Happy Listening,DDB ...
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