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    Music for you! Playlist of the Week (2/8)

    Here is your weekly dose of music therapy for the week of 2/8.Current obsessions on this particular playlist include the remixes of REO Speedwagon, Green Day and Nina Simone.This particular playlist was for a FLYbeats 45 minute ride.Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    Flywheel Playlist of the Week (2/1)- get ready to rock the remix!

    Happy Saturday (REMIX style)!Here is one of my favorite playlists from this week at Flywheel Sports with a bunch of remixes.Shout out to my amazing colleague and fellow instructor Cedric Green for the Collapse edit. It is pure GOLD.This was from a FLYbeats 45 minute ride.  Happy Listening ...
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    Playlist of the week (1/25) for your listening pleasure

    Playlist time! Hello Fly-world and beyond.This week's playlist was for a FLYbeats 45 minute ride. I particularly like the energy flow in this one, and hope you do too.Here is my schedule for the week at Flywheel- I hope to see you on the bike!Tuesday UES 830 AM and 930 AM FLYbeatsWednesday UWS 930 A ...
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    Playlist of the Week 1/18

    Here is your playlist of the week. Snowed in? Press play and dance. Take that, Jonas!(the last two songs are cooldown)Happy Listening,DDB ...
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    Playlist of the Week, 1/11

    Happy Friday. After a very sweaty week, it is playlist time!This was for a Fly45 FlyBeats ride this week.Enjoy!DDB ...
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    Playlists for YOU!

    I have PLAYLISTS for you!I don't do New Year's resolutions, but I just figured out how to post my playlists to the blog so I will pretend that my resolution is to share at LEAST one playlist with you each and every week.Here is the last playlist of 2015 (Fly45) to kick it off AND yesterday's FlyBeat ...
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    Endless Summer (the remix)

    Summer might be coming to a close, but I refuse to let it go. If you are with me on that, here are some remixes I've been jamming to that will keep summer alive.JT's "Suit & Tie" gets a dancier feel in this remix. And then Hove comes in and makes me smile.Haddaway's classic "What Is Love" keeps its ...
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    Tricks of the Trade & 3 Hip-Hop Remixes

    This evening, I have three hip-hop remixes to share with you that I'm psyched to drop this week at Flywheel.Before I share the tracks with you, here are a few pointers and sites to check out if you want to dig for great tunes. Riders ask me daily where I source my music, so I've compiled some useful ...
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    Howie Day – Collide Remix

    Oh, Howie Day.I have no idea what (if anything) he is up to these days, but I was a fan in the early 2000s. His major hit, Collide, is still awesome in my book.Here is a remix that was just dropped with the tropical feel that seems to be trending on my DJ feeds as we enter Summer 2015.Happy Listeni ...
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    Oldies But Goodies

    Recently, I have been obsessed with hunting down remixes of songs that we all know, but generally wouldn't think of as riding material. To me, a great remix of a song keeps the integrity of the original, but adds a little something extra.This evening I have two remixes for you (oldies but goodies) t ...
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