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    A new playlist for you (finally, I know!)

     I got a lot of feedback after this class around the playlist so here it is!Happy listening,DDB  ...
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    Birthday Playlist, i.e. the time I got selfish and played only what I wanted to ride to.

    I wanted to share with you the playlist that I put together for my 30th birthday last week. It took me forever to figure out because 43 minutes is a very limited amount of time when you want to include all of your favorite songs. The struggle...Anyway, here is what I came up with. Not surprisingly, ...
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    Finally, I posted a playlist again.

    Just under a year later, I FINALLY have a new playlist for you. I am sorry for the hiatus! This was from today at Flywheel Sports UWS. I hope you enjoy it. Lots of good old stuff, some new stuff, and some remixes that meet in the middle. I am particularly fond of the second song, which mashes up Big ...
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    Who needs new music, anyway? FLYbeats 60 Playlist

    This summer is a bit of a music dead-zone, with the exception of Mumford & Sons' collaborative EP Johannesburg which makes up for the lack of anything else, quite frankly.Check out this video of M&S performing "There Will Be Time." Good luck staying seated... ...
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    Summer time is here at Flywheel!

    It is (unofficially) summer time, my favorite time of the year! To kick off the new season at Flywheel, I did an all summer themed FlyBeats ride. Turns out, there are a ton of songs that fit the bill.Summer is my feel good time of year. No layering required, open toe shoes, sunshine for hours, the o ...
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    A 60 minute playlist for you, and some thoughts on Bruce Springsteen

    Oops...I missed a few weeks! Today, I am bringing you a FlyBeats 60 minute playlist from my Friday class at UWS. Also, after seeing Bruce Springsteen's The River tour twice, I have some thoughts that I'd like to share.Let's start with Bruce. Over the past few years, I have become a huge fan of his m ...
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    Tunes, tunes, tunes! (week of 3/14)

    Tunes, tunes, tunes!This playlist, from a FlyBeats 45 minute ride spans a huge spectrum of variety- from Will Young's cover of Stephen Still's "Love the One You're With" to Luniz's mid-90's anthem "I Got 5 On It." My favorite part of creating playlists is keeping my riders guessing what is about to ...
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    Flywheel Playlist of the Week (Week of 3/7)

    Happy (almost) Spring! Here is my Flywheel playlist of the week for you. This was for a FlyBeats 45 minute ride.We just redid our website at Flywheel and there are a ton of new, great features on our website. Take a look (click here), and check out my updated instructor bio (click here) while you ...
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    Flywheel Sports Fly45 ride playlist (week of 2/22)

    This week, I am sharing with you a Fly45 playlist. As opposed to FlyBeats, our signature ride is all about interval training. We ride on the rhythm of the music and create timed intervals, primarily by adding speed, to bring the heart rate up for periods of time. Still musically driven, our signatur ...
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    FlyBeats 60 minute playlist (Week of 2/14)

    Turns out, you guys love FlyBeats.No surprise there. FlyBeats is a different offering on our schedule at Flywheel where we stay on the rhythm of the music almost the entire time, with very few exceptions. It is essentially a more endurance based ride, as opposed to our signature ride which is interv ...
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